What is the deepest place where you dived? into the bath? Can't you know how to swim? The only thing you know about diving is Jacques-Yves Cousteau? No problem! There is an introductory dive for you. 


 You've never gone deeper than a meter and you're not so sure about your swimming skills and the only thing you know about diving is Jacques-Yves Cousteau? Let us be your guide

We will open you a new wonderful world and you will love it, I am sure.

"Introductory Dive". 

Our experienced instructors will explain to you everything you need to know and what to do underwater you will get equipment and you go diving under the constant supervision of your instructor, is comparable to going to the store to buy bread by the degree of danger.  And on the impressions - like a flight into space. The maximum depth which you can take for the first time is 6 meters.

Additionally, you can order photography and video shooting of your dive. Friends and relatives will envy you. And you can resurrect your little underwater adventure at any time.

Discover Scuba Diver

Welcome to the "DSD" program  (Discover SCUBA diving) for more experience. A bit more theory and a bit more training on the coast and your diving at 12 meters! At the end of DSD, you'll get Padi certification that will allow you to dive 12 meters depth all around the world

If this is not enough for you, list to the Courses section where you can choose a special course according to your preference and at the same time to understand the difficult hierarchy of the world of diving.